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How to Make Hydrogen

How do you make hydrogen? Take a 12 volt battery: connect wires to the positive and negative terminals: stick the other ends of the wires into an open container of tap water (keeping them from touching one another) and you will see tiny bubbles forming on the wires. You are making hydrogen. More specifically, the bubbles coming off the positive terminal are oxygen and the bubbles coming off the negative terminal are hydrogen. Let's jack the production up a little: add a little baking soda to the water and stir it up. Notice that more bubbling is taking place, which means more oxygen and hydrogen are being produced. Now if you had attempted this little experiment with distilled water, there would be no bubbling, therefore no gas production. Beware!! Hydrogen mixed with oxygen is explosive, so forgo lighting that cigarette around the gases. Even static sparks will ignite the mix. If you are interested in getting into serious hydrogen production, email us at: will[at]bidslo.com. If there is enough interest, we will set up a small on-line workshop for this purpose. If you just want to watch balloons explode, go onto youtube where anything goes.