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The Parkhill Boonies

Parkhill Road. About 4 miles out of Santa Margarita, this mini-highway appears to have fallen off of Cal-Trans maps. The potholes are developing in the middle of other potholes. Yet we see a wide variety of users transversing along it's scenic curves: bicyclists, bikers, and local traffic all meshed together. Maybe the potholes are a good thing, slowing traffic down a little. We live out in the middle of all this. While it is sometimes a pain to drive the extra distance to town, there are distinct advantages as well. Like the quiet and clean air and on a clear night, the most star-studded sky we have ever seen. The diversity of life, both animal and human, is also unique. So as not to get sued, we will leave it at that. Below is one of our pets: a wild fox who can't seem to decide whether he wants in or out.