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Kanthal Resistance Wire

For Sale
Price: $10
Sale ends on: Mar 2 2018, 4:20am
11d 8h left
Category: Machinery and Tools
Seller: William
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Kanthal is the brand. It is a form of alloy wire that you can make high wattage resistors out of or use it to heat-cut most plastic and foam materials. By applying a known amount of voltage to a certain length, the wire can be brought to a red hot state without melting: it then can be used to cut most synthetic plastics like going through butter with a hot knife. We have several different sizes: the smaller the dimension, the more fragile the wire. Asking $10 for 10 feet: discounts for longer lengths. Email will(at) : substitute @ for (at). Smaller items can be shown at the SLO Sunset Drivein Swapmeet on Sundays. To check out larger items, a trip out to the hills in Santa Margarita has to be arranged.