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Graham Yard Art?

For Sale
Price: $1500
Sale ends on: Dec 19 2017, 1:54am
3d 19h left
Tuesday, 1AM
Category: Cars and Trucks
Seller: William
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Here is a rare Graham truck body. Probably from the 1920s, this rusty hulk would make an awesome landmark on your property. The wheels are metal spoked instead of wood. It is out of the DMV computer, so there are no back fees due! Probably the only one left in the world that hasn't been crushed. Surprise your wife (but take her cell so she can't contact her lawyer). Asking only $1500 and we'll even listen to ridiculous offers. Email will(at) : substitute @ for (at). Smaller items can be shown at the SLO Sunset Drivein Swapmeet on Sundays. To check out larger items, a trip out to the hills in Santa Margarita has to be arranged.