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Huge Stainless Decontamination Station

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Category: Farm / Yard Equipment
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We actually don't know what to call this device. It came from Cal Poly and was made for or by Ortho and is constructed almost completely out of stainless steel. It is a quite large cabinet (about 9 feet high) with a conveyor belt that transports plants (we think) through a series of spray heads. It was probably designed for destroying plant bugs and mites by spraying a mist of  insecticide over the foliage in a enclosed environment.  It could be used in the vineyards when starting vines, or in any situation where unwanted guests need to be eliminated before reaching the public. We guestimate this unit cost around $100,000 to make and it does not appear to be very old, maybe 15 years: it looks to be brand new. We realize not everyone will want this in their kitchen, but it will save the right company a lot of time and money. Taking offers around $25,000. Email will(at) : substitute @ for (at). Smaller items can be shown at the SLO Sunset Drivein Swapmeet on Sundays. To check out larger items, a trip out to the hills in Santa Margarita has to be arranged.