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Cessna Airplane Parts

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Sale ends on: Feb 22 2018, 9:56am
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Thursday, 9AM
Category: Aircraft
Seller: William
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This is a Cessna 150 out of the 60s. As you may notice, the front nose and engine have gone by-by. The rest of the plane is still available including the wings. We have another listing for the complete dash and instruments. There is corrosion inside the wings, which is why we decided to part it out. Let us know what you are interested in. We also have another complete Cessna 150 parked on SLO airfield which is also for sale. Email will(at) : substitute @ for (at). Smaller items can be shown at the SLO Sunset Drivein Swapmeet on Sundays. To check out larger items, a trip out to the hills in Santa Margarita has to be arranged.