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Drop Tank Fuel Reserve for F14

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Category: Aircraft
Seller: William
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Looks like a rocket ship, but is really a 600 gallon drop tank off of an F-14 fighter jet. It holds reserve fuel and when that fuel is used up, the pilot releases it from the aircraft. Of course, when it hits the ground or water, it is destroyed. This ended up as surplus because it was never actually dropped: it may or may not have ever been on a plane. It is in excellent condition, considering it's age. This unusual artifact is made out of aluminum (about 560 pounds) and is 24 feet long by 30 inches in diameter. All the controls and sensors appear to be still in it. These puppies cost us (the taxpayer) about $125,000 each. Our guess at potential uses are: a moon rocket; a flatland speeder; a potential Boneville salt flat racer; unique and one-of-a-kind yard art; the final straw to a rocky marriage; and our personal favorite - a submarine. We are taking offers on this tank. For further info contact: will[at] : substitute @ for [at]