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Original Painting Harbor Scene

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Sale ends on: Jan 27 2018, 9:44am
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Saturday, 9AM
Category: Art Forms / Sculptures
Seller: William
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This is an artist with a unique style of painting: looks like oil. It is unsigned but well done. It is a scene of a dock (Morro Bay?) and only after you look for a bit, do you realize that there is a girl in the middle sitting on the pier. The frame is quite ornate and large: the outside dimensions are 46 inches by 34 inches. We are auctioning this fine art-piece off with a starting price of only $90. High bidder wins and if there is only one bid, that will be the amount to be paid. Email will(at) : substitute @ for (at) for further information. We also have a Bev Doolittle lithograph of "Hide and Seek" elsewhere on our web-page.