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2 Cessna Airplanes

For Sale
Price: $15000
Sale ends on: Feb 22 2018, 1:45am
1d left
Thursday, 1AM
Category: Aircraft
Seller: William
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 Here are 2 Cessna 150 airplanes that will be sold for parts. The models are F and J. The F model has extensive corrosion in the wings, so we sold the engine and parked the rest on our ranch. The J model is complete with engine. It has corrosion, but the extent is undermined at this point. It has been moved to our ranch with the wings removed. It was a flying airplane until about 5 years ago and has been parked since. It will NOT ferry and must be disassembled and trailered to your destination. We have the logs for both planes. The instrument panels are still intact, the J model having IFR capabilities. Keep in mind that these are being sold strictly for parts, but we will not separate them. One money only. Can be reached at : will[at] or 805-674-7942 cellinahole